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Good Evening,
I am Mistress Poppy and I thought I would have a few words with you all.
My Hooman Carer "Big Paw" has been less than compliant with my needs and requests, he keeps on insisting on trying me with different foods, I commend him for this but I want sweetcorn and peas, though I do like these things he calls cherries, though they make a mess of ones fur, and make ones face a strange colour, the blueberries are ok too, though I don't know why he likes strawberries so much they are not of interest to me, I like the banana he gives me in the mornings when he has his morning food.
I am not impressed by his black flashy picture box thingy, it makes me jump with the bright flash it gives off, he says I look pretty and cute, I say I look devilishly gorgeous and I need to remind him of that.
He is good and lets me out of my confinement where I can run around his burrow he calls it a house, but who cares, I try to hide from him just to keep him on his toes, he calls out for me but clearly can not hear me laughing as I hide and sneak about.
Suggestions for keeping Big Paw in check are welcomed from all, in the mean time I shall retire to ones nest with pouches full of sweetcorn and other goodies.
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