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He is on Metacam - a larger dose than originally after last vet visit. I don't think he is in pain generally as he still climbs in and out of the top hole of his house! But I suppose it must rub if he runs on the wheel (and it's nice soft cork wheel!) and maybe that causes discomfort. Or - that he just can't run because he trips over the lump - which is the main issue I think. I can imagine that is more of an issue running in a straight line than at an angle on the saucer - although he doesn't run as much on that any more.

Yes it is a special thing, his communication. He has never been properly tamed and although I can handle him now he doesn't want it and I am worried about hurting him. But we have always had conversations! From the start. He would sit and look at me and listen while I chatted. And he does clearly show you and get your attention with looks when he needs to tell you something.

I think all hamsters do - our Syrians have been the same - and it shows they do communicate and have brains!

Also we have to remember that an ageing hamster outranks us in years and maturity! And so when they show us there is a problem then we need to take notice. And when they show us they disapprove of a change and give you that look then you should feel suitably reprimanded!
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