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Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
Oh i see. I misunderstood and thought the lamp would be on for the hamster!
I don't know the answer to your question but i have moved my lamp away from the cage. My ceiling light is dim but my hamster is very nocturnal, gets up around 22.00 and i find that when i cover the top of his cage to keep the light off he's more likely to wander around his cage but that's my Henry. All hamsters are different. I read somewhere that hamster eyes are sensitive to light and a bright light can hurt their eyes. Someone on this forum will know the answer to your question.
After reading what you had to say I went back and stood in front of the cage. We are going to place thin board, thick enough to have the lamp on but not chunky on the top and attach it to the back so no movement can be seen from the's against the wall but a small edge is sticking out. That should block out most of the light then it's dark when we got to bed. I'm am worried thought as the kitchen light may shine right on the cage area. Will see how it works out once my hamster is in and settling.
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