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Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
I have the Alaska cage and the bar spacing is 1cm. I've only been a hamster's friend since March this year so am no expert but would say that 1in spacing is only suitable for rabbits or guinea pigs and dangerous to hamster but you said that you're going to mesh it.
The pattern on the base are simple decal tiles i bought on Amazon, cut to fit and stuck on. I would send you the link if i'd know how. They are from China and i found them by typing "stick on tiles" into the search engine.
I don't think my hamster climbs to the end of the bridge. He climbs from the house roof onto the bridge to go on the degu shelf to get to the sweetcorn treat hanging from the cage roof. He is very food orientated and a bit lazy so i make him work for his treats. Keeps him entertained too. The nutty stick hanging from the cage roof in the right back corner he gets to by climbing from the log stump onto the shelf then onto the higher shelf onto the platform or he takes the shortcut from the tunnel and pulls himself up to the platform. He gets into the haybasket from the house roof and pulls himself up. He needs the exercise because he likes his food. The carrot/cone string at the front is for decoration but is a hamster thing. He's not interested because he can't eat it and wants the real carrot. I know because he was able to get to it in his old cage. He loves his coconut which i leave empty aside from a few sunflower seeds. He likes to sit in there for ages, munching his sunflower seeds, washing and poking his nose out. He has a small clay flower pot and a clay saucer in his cage for his insect mix and fresh food. Good for his claws too. I like different textures but need to get something made from cork to see if he likes it. He doesn't like plastic but is fine with the plastic wheel which i clean now and again. He seems to get sweaty paws from running but knows when i've wiped it because he spends ages sniffing it. I cover the top of his cage with a sheet of card when its sunny and in the evening when i have the light on. People do different things with their cage set ups and i don't think there's a right or wrong as long as the hamster is happy, the basic requirements are met and the environment is safe and stimulating. Not any different from our own homes really.
Thanks for the great explanation. Do I need to cover the top at night? There will be a lamp on above the cage.
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