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Just the rodipet is fine. But they suggest feeding an insect alongside it daily - so a mealworm or shrimp or cricket or whatever. As they are omnivores so it is important to give them that regular animal protein.

Dwarfs and Syrians do need different diets. Harry hamster is somewhat more suited to Syrians I guess because the pellets are a better size for them, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is comprised of mostly pellets. A green or red or a circular pellet is not added variety if you see what I mean. Rodipet do a Syrian mix but I have not seen it myself, but it is more natural with no pellets and no colouring. Either way they will definitely need two separate mixes. I think the getzoo mix is supposed to be very good for Syrians. Mixerama I’m fairly sure also ship to Sweden. Expensive delivery but you can get a dwarf and Syrian mix from there and they’re both very good, and you can order in larger quantities than Rodipet (so cheaper) and keep it in the freezer to cut down on costs. I think the rodipet mix lasted my robo about 3 months so it’ll be a bit less than that for a hybrid dwarf.
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