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Default Re: Food for a (hybrid?) dwarf hamster?

I think I’d go with the Bunny dwarf mix.

No you do not always need a pellet to go with it in fact you’re better off without. what you would do better with is dried mealworms that you may find for birds. Those or dried shrimp would work, or freeze dried chicken cat treats if you can find them. it’s better to go pellet free as it’s more natural and offers more variety. The only reason you might want to add a pellet is if you really need to raise protein levels or maybe if you have an exceptionally picky hamster and cannot change the diet - which is debatable really. Or in the worst case scenario if the seed mix is so bad that a good quality pellet is required to balance the diet. Is it the Bunny Basic or Expert mix? The expert is better but either would do really. I don’t think the protein is too bad in both like I said a mealworm or two a day would suffice.

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