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Default Re: Bedding question

Originally Posted by minijeva View Post
you could put paper strips in another corner of his cage and see if he pees on there or you could move his hide and leave the place where he pees
Originally Posted by alpacassei View Post
To test for diabetes youíll need keto-diastix (you can order from amazon) and preferably also a vets diagnosis. Strong smelling urine isnít necessarily an indication of diabetes though, especially with male Russian dwarfs who are notoriously stinky

Most odour control beddings have some kind of scent or chemical to help mask the odours but hamsters have very sensitive noses so its most likely that the smell of the bedding is too much for him and thatís why heís avoiding it. Some hamsters will also pee in their nests as a way of marking their territory.
Thank you for your help. I will try the bedding thing again, I had tried to develop a toilet area but he still goes in his hut. But I appreciate that's just something he does.
He hasn't been drinking excessively so I'm thinking he doesn't have diabetes, I was worried as he was overweight when I adopted him. He's now losing weight steadily.
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