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mangoandmimi wrote: I think the enclosure becomes almost even more important when they’re alone, since as a species a lot of their happiness actually comes from living with others so that’s something you have to try and make up for.

I have to agree with this. I kept gerbils (males) quite a long time ago now and although I had small groups or pairs, I sometimes did have the odd singleton who was either de-clanned from the others, or lost a paired cegemate.

The minimum length of glass tank I used for a single gerbil was around 30" inches long by 12" inches wide. These days I would be looking for 3 feet long tanks or more for the enrichment of space and changing/adding new things!

Gerbils are really fab little creatures and just love interacting. If you have the room space, go as big as you can and think about downsizing if the gerbil is old or loses it`s `zest` for playing a lot and prefers your company rather than living in a very large environment on their own in the latter stages of their life.
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