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That does look like wheel rub so he will need a different wheel and his skin could get sore. To help with the fur generally, can you get linseeds (flax seeds)? A pinch of those daily starts to work wonders with fur condition and they like them and nibble them up. I put them separately to the rest of the food on a different dish and our hammy licks them up every day.

If you can find an 8 to 11 inch wheel it would be good - ideally with a solid running track. If it's hard to find wheels, could you make a bucket wheel? Here's a thread about making one.

MY DIY Bucket Wheel

There's a simple one here

This one needs a few diy parts and possibly a drill (or a screwdriver), but uses a fidget spinner to make ballbearings and a silent wheel!

This site seems to sell wodent wheels also - cost conversion doesn't seem too bad?

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