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Post Best substrate for burrowing in the UK?

Hi! Just wondering where people buy their substrate and which is the best/most cost effective. My girl is on aubiose currently which is dirt cheap but not good for burrowing!
I was thinking about fitch, but the cheapest i can find it is 23 for 10kg, and the reviews recently of it on amazon have been really bad saying it comes with huge chunks of hard card in it :/
I've ordered some clean & cozy but its not the most cost effective (i have the barmey cage and i reckon it might not even fill it up). Obviously carefresh has the same issue - its bloody expensive.
I've heard of megazorb but i've seen bad reviews saying that it smells funny - I live in rented accommodation so I cant really get away with that.
Is there anywhere to buy a good burrowing substrate cheap, e.g. somewhere to buy good quality fitch / some kind of similar thing? Fitch seems like the most cost effective option but I'm worried people are saying the quality isnt great!
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