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Default Updates and Nutmeg.

Hello everyone I haven't posted on here since Halloween and sadly I have lost Theo. He was a beautiful hamster who we believe was around 3 years old (not sure as he was adopted). Sadly he developed some cuts on his body, I took him to the vets suspecting a skin condition or mites and it turned out to be skin cancer . It was devastating and really unexpected. The vet believed it was the kindest thing to put him to sleep

It has been about a fortnight now and I have a hamster called Nutmeg, he is approximately 5 months old and for some reason was never sold at the pet store so went into the adoption section. I really wasn't looking for another hamster but he caught my eye straight away and when I heard he was up for adoption I knew I had to take him! He has a lovely temperament and I believe him to be a Russian dwarf/winter white. Unfortunately he has been fed a really poor quality food that makes me worry as it is definitely not for dwarfs and contains the 'sugary' round things, corn and pea flakes. I will be slowing weaning him on to the bunny dwarf harvest.
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