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I quite agree the hemp mats can be very hard to cut. On this occasion I got the Rodipet large ones instead of the Hugro ones. It;s sold as a liner for their tank style cage. It is much thinner and easier to cut! Had used it once before and thought it would work much better for this job.

I honestly didn't know what to do about his cage. Hemp mat just on the cage base would have seemed a bit "unenriched" and hard and bleak maybe. So I just decided to put it on the substrate. OH was concerned Nugget may go under the matting and get trapped but I'm not worried about that - there is the odd little gap and corner here and there so if he did decide to tunnel under it I know he could get out. He can still tunnel!

As it happens he hasn't attempted to and seems happy with the easy surface. The mat surfaces seems more interesting because it has slightly different levels under it where the substrate slopes and must feel softer with more give.

I am a big fan of hemp mat at the moment! Also it's great for cutting small pieces to sit on top of the larger pieces to make a soft "step".

Nugget loves his hammock thing as well - although uses it more as a tunnel but I can tell by the look on his face that he likes it.
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