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Default Re: All About My Liquorice

Apologies for my absence from the forum and my lack of updates on Liquorice and Humbug - things have been a little busy for me lately so haven't had sufficient time to be on he forum as much as I would like although still read the forum daily - hopefully I can find some time to post a bit more. So without further ado an update on my Liquorice - and to make up for my absence there will be loads of photos of both Liquorice and Humbug!


Liquorice Palace Cage Makeover - April 2019 – Stuva DIY Cage

I decided it was time to refresh Liquorice’s cage layout – it was trampled and she was becoming slightly bored of her set up so knew it was time for a makeover. She doesn’t like me messing to much with her cage that why majority of the toys are the same as what she had in her cage before although a few I switched with her playpen toys to give her something slightly different – but she was happy with the changes and have been managing to keep my naughty tortie in check – even though her cage was an utter mess a couple days later but that how she likes it.

So here is how her cage looks …

Easter Extravaganza

Easter is a very exciting time for my hamsters – as it means a yummy dandelion flavoured easter egg. I always enjoy seeing the excitement of them cracking the egg open which results in very cute photos. Unlike Buggy, Liquorice wasted no time getting stuck in that my camera was having a hard time focusing but managed to get a few decent photos and then she decided to stick her head in the egg to see if any goodies were hidden inside!

Additional Updated and Photos

Liquorice is still the same hamster she was before but I love her just the way she is – she was been shy and nervy at times but she still a super sweet girl who loves her playtimes and her treats – so as long as she happy I’m also happy. Liquorice insists I sit in the playpen with her as a few time I had to sit on the outside of the playpen to stretch my leg as I was getting pins and needles but she wasn’t happy and was trying so hard to jump up the side of the playpen to get to me and if I placed my hand in would climb up my arm to be fussed over – although majority of the time I sit in the playpen she will normally just run around me although some days she cant get enough of me fussing over her. But I think she find comfort in me being there as still when something startles her she will seek me for comfort. Then she still not keen on going back into her cage some days. Apart from this she the same old – young – Liquorice!

And my gorgeous tortie herself …

My Sweet Naughty Tortie Liquorice and My Special Sweet Humbug
R.I.P Honey, Caramel, Cotton, Cookie, Toffee, Sherbet, Pumpkin, Maple and Treacle. Forever in my Heart <3

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