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Default Re: Do Hamsters Need a Seed Mix and a Pelleted Diet??

Is it for a Syrian or a dwarf hamster? There aren't any good seed mixes for dwarf hamsters in the US really so if it's for a dwarf hamster it would be better to use Harry or Hazel hamster, which is sugar free and contains everything needed. And supplement a bit. You could give linseeds and hemp seeds separately on a little dish - I use a baby food jar lid Just a pinch of each. Hamsters tend to like them. Also supplement with a tiny bit of fresh veg each day (broccoli, cucumber and carrot are staples people can keep in the fridge easily - there is a list of safe veg on here). Plus some protein extras as mentioned above - the occasional mealworm or half a plain shelled nut eg, although the protein in Harry Hamster doesn't need supplementing much.

Pumpkin seeds are also good for treats and extras and have some protein too.
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