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Default Re: How long to keep treat boredom breakers in cage?

I would just leave it a while It'll either get demolished or ignored! If it's ignored just take it out after 2 or 3 weeks. Also wondering about the "fruity mix" bit. Is there something stuffed inside it? Rosewood are good for healthy treats - they do a similar thing - a cardboard cottage with hay stuck on the outside and dried carrot on top - it's all safe. However our hamster ignores them in the cage apart from to climb on them - but likes chewing it out of the cage. Funny how they like some things out of the cage but not in it. I think they have their hoarding, nesting habits in the cage mostly.

Some treats will be popular, others won't.

I got this tree thing from Zooplus which was very popular with our Syrian - he removed every bit of food from it overnight - so it didn't last long. But I left it in anyway and occasionally put the odd pumpkin seed on it - he enjoys climbing all over it to get them.

The Rosewood dandelion treat sticks are popular here too. Also most hamsters like whimzee mini dog chews (vegetable based and safe for hamsters). Both of these are good for their teeth to stop them overgrowing.

The Whimzee toothbrushes are good as you can stick treats like pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds in the bristles and they have to work to get them out.
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