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Question How often to feed new Syrian veg/treats?

So far Iíve had my beautiful 8ish week old Syrian hamster for 4 days. Iíve fed him his standard food in the bowl (Iíve only refilled this once - itís a mix of Harry Hamster and ĎWitte Molen Puurí), carrots on his second night as he was already fed this at his previous home and broccoli on the third night.

I was wondering if itís okay to give him a treat tonight? Heís a great eater and has settled amazingly - still wary of getting food from my hand, I just place small amounts of veg around his cage. I havenít given much as I know itís not great to introduce too much food too fast, or give him lots of veg.

The treat Iíd give would be the Harry hamster yippees treats. Is this okay or is it too soon? Also how often should I feed veg and how soon to introduce different vegetables? Iíve bought organic broccoli, carrots and cucumber so I only plan on giving him small amounts of this but unsure on how much and how soon.

Thank you!
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