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Default Re: Those with Barney cage........

Yeah I had already planned to do all the things you advised The only thing I'm really concerned about is that at the moment she sleeps, pees and hoards food in the penthouse at the top of the HH. I dont plan on using this in the Barney so she will have to make a whole new nest in either the house that comes with the barney or the shoe box in the corner of her current cage (or somewhere else if she decides) but basically her house will be gone and that's where she feels most safe. Any tips for this transition as I know this is going to really stress her out as I tried removing it and the external tubes before and she kept running around the cage trying to find them. I'm not worried about the tubing as I have removed almost all of that anyway, she now just has enough tubing for an entry and exit but she does love her pent house
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