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Default Re: Best hamster food mix in the UK?

Originally Posted by mangoandmimi View Post
I use the rodipet hybrid mix alpacassei mentioned for my robo and it's great. Better than the Bunny mix imo. But with 5 of them the price would be really high. Have a look at mixerama (probably this one) or the getzoo mix as both come in larger quantities and work out cheaper despite the high postage cost. Good quality & high variety balanced mixes, much better than the ones you'll find in this country.
Thank you for the cheaper alternatives, but please don't worry! Even with five of them, they probably eat as much as a Syrian and a Campbell. They really don't eat that much, plus two of them are tiny! My female weighs about 22g. I think I'll go with what rodipet has to offer, but this is mainly because their site is in English lol. Google translated the other two sites, but not that well... ^^"
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