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Default Re: In need of a gender confirmation!

I can't tell from the photos, but someone with more experience in dwarf hamsters may be able to.

What I can say though is, whether they are both male or one is male and one is female, you have done right to separate them. Rupert/Ruby may be getting big for a couple of reasons. Yes it could be pregnancy (if she is female), but the other reason may be that when dwarf hamsters live in pairs, one of the pair can become dominant and may be getting most of the food. Which is a kind of bullying that can lead to fighting.

What you describe about the nest may be just normal nesting - but I think you maybe have an instinct about this.

Glad they are now separated - and you now need to be on pregnancy watch. You can't tell when she's had the babies but it's important not to disturb her in the run up to her giving birth, or afterwards. So it's a case of just putting food and water out - lots of extra protein food as well,leaving her alone and seeing if babies start squeaking or emerging from the nest - which could be another 3 weeks or so.

So no poking in the nest to see if there are any babies -if her nest or cage is disturbed,she will cull the babies.

She may not look less big after giving birth, for some time, so you won't know if she's had them possibly, until you either hear them make odd little noises, or when they are big enough to start coming out of the nest.

Of course if in 3 weeks time there is no sign she may not be pregnant.
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