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Default Re: Urgent help sexing a hamster

Thanks for all the tips.

I got a seller for my cage, sadly he doesnt want the male hamster . So I guess I will keep my male in the higher cage and the female in the huge Living World Green Eco Habitat that should arrive later this week.

One question, I guess that it is not advisable for the hamsters to be able to see each other, even though they are separated, correct? Otherwise I would make two different habitats inside the Living World Green Eco Habitat somehow connecting it to the other cage as well. But I assume maybe females and males should not be near each other, right?

If she is pregnant I dont know what I will do with a dozen babies.. I live on an island, 250k pop, hamsters are not really popular pets. I have yet to receive any messages on the ad I put about the hamster with the cage. Well, if she is pregnant I guess I will have a couple of weeks to find a solution. We will see.. All this because the pet shop couldn't distinguish a male from a female. How do they keep opposite gender hamsters in the same cage there??
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