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Default Re: Urgent help sexing a hamster

If you're going to sell one of the cages, with a hamster, I would sell the lower one in the front of the picture. The other one is quite tall and looks to have some fall risks for a dwarf hamster - we can help you with set up to avoid that but someone you sold it to may not do that and the hamster could get injured.

Not sure how long you have to wait with a dwarf hamster to see if she has a litter, but I think it's 16 days? You often can't tell they are pregnant until the babies arrive.

Fingers crossed she isn't pregnant - but - in case she is you need to make a few preparations.

1) Clean her cage now (sounds like it;s already cleaned if you've just separated them). But don;t clean it again until you know if she;s had babies or is past pregnancy watch.

2) Don't disturb her in her cage. This is especially important around the time she is due - any disturbance and she could eat the babies. Not a solution - you will find homes for them.

I'm sure someone with more breeding experience will givefurther details!
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