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Default Re: Introducing MuShu

Hi cypher, thanks a lot for your answer☺ I looked up already all the pictures and stories of your wonderful hammies. You are really an experienced Chinese hamster owner by now.
I hope that I can supply pictures of MuShu and her terrarium soon. She became already a bit braver in the last few days. I always offer her food on my hands in the early evening when she usually wakes up. She knows that by now and shows herself when I call her name. She climbs on my hand and stuffs her cheeks, and then she returns to her various layers which she has constructed during the night. I then scatter the food which she hasn't taken from my hands in her cage. She has to come out of her tunnels and needs go out into the open to collect of. I have a sort of balcony, where I place her dish with the fresh food and her water. Since everything ist gone in the morning, she obviously must have taken has probably hidden some of it away. I need a night camera, lol! The best chance to take her picture might be when she sits in her dish with the fresh food or when she sits on my hands and collects the food. Someone else could snap a foto then. I really want to introduce her to you guys. She's tiny but gorgeous. She seems to be a bit less bothered by the light already. Maybe, the wheel will never be her favorite pastime. She seems to be dedicated to rearrange her nest and tunnel system constantly. That would be ok of course. Hamsters in the wild don't have wheels after all. It's just so different to my current winterwhite. He has several different wheels and uses them all constantly.
How is the situation in the UK re: availability of Chinese hamsters? In Germany it's very difficult to find them since there are hardly any breeders and only a very few shops which offer Chinese hamsters occasionally.

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