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Default Re: Nervous hamster behaviour.

Did this start when your sister went away? It could potentially be that you're a new person who she isn't used to, some hams do act strange when someone else is petsitting so it might be worth waiting to see what she's like afterwards. But it could also be that she isn't completely happy with the cage if she's darting around for cover. Do you have a pic of the setup? The Alexander already has a lot in the way of shelves and I'm assuming you kept those in.

I would also stop with the ball, there is a high chance that the running you are seeing when she's in there is out of stress instead of enjoyment. Hamster balls are not the best, they're quite dangerous and the regular balls aren't large enough for Syrians. I also think it's better to let them settle into the cage and be happy before trying them in a playpen.
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