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Unhappy Nervous hamster behaviour.

I'm actually posting on the behalf of my sister while I'm looking after her hamster when she's on holiday.

My sister's hamster Luna is a rescue, she got her at roughly three months? Luna has a few quirks:
1. Very skittish in the playpen, prefers being under shelter and doesn't really interact with us. Also tries to dig her out, the bath taming didn't work as again she was skittish.
2. doesn't liked to be handled and is spooked quite easily (even though we approach very slowly and are talking to her.)

The only time she is confident is in the ball which we use in small bursts throughout the evening. So we don't force her to come out, Luna usually lets us know when she's ready and we just place the ball for her to hop in. Luna also is fine taking treats from us.

Now the issue, my sister originally got the Savic Hamster Heaven Hamster Cage, we did remove the tubes and the little house. Also got a bigger wheel etc. Over about six months we learned Luna likes to burrow and her nest took over about half the cage.

This led to her being frustrated and started bar chewing. So my sister bought the Alexander Small Pet Cage. We introduced the new cage to Luna slowly after reading instructions on this forum. It took a few weeks as Luna really made it clear she did't want to stay in it after a few hours. Until last week, she finally settled. Luna behaved normally for two days and my sister went on holiday.

I've been staying in my sister's room so i can keep an eye but her behaviour is concerning me slightly.

Luna won't come out at all and won't even approach me even though she loves treats. If no lights are on she will come out, go in her wheel, eat and drink. I keep a low lamp on or a nightlight, I try to coax her out for exercise in her ball or playpen. Luna is terrified of me and I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not.
Luna uses the shelves in the cage to hide under and just darts so she isn't in the open.

Are there any suggestions anyone can provide?
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