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Default Re: I have the hammie version of the guy from Memento

Another Smokey update:
I found a great deal on a used critter nation cage and went for it! I'm so glad I did! Serendipity's comment tipped me off to the fact that hamsters don't like to be approached from above. With the big front opening doors, it's so much easier to interact with him. He'll just walk to the edge and onto my hand when he wants to come out. He seems a lot more confident in this cage too. I think the aquarium had too much open space from above since I only had half of the top covered, and the lid was glass so it may have appeared open to him.

I gave him chew toys, tunnels, and with the 2 shelves he has over 1600 square inches of floor space. His favorite toy? An empty glass bread pan. I found this on accident when I put it in his cage as a place holder, planning to put sand in. I found him stretching, rolling around, and looking like he was swimming around in there! It's one of his favorite places to hang out. Go figure.

I tried to get Smokey into aviation. He didn't seem too interested, although he did run through the cabin and strip the plane of all its treats
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