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Default Re: All About My Humbug

Thank you BorisPasha, Coco61, cypher, Charlie Dunn, pinkpixie, Serendipity7000, hisnameispip and Thin Lizzy. Humbug is very flattered by your lovely compliments! He is still enjoying lounging on the sofa in the evenings.

Thin Lizzy, lovely to see you back on the forum have missed you. We also have the saying Bah Humbug too - as he injured himself around Christmas I thought Humbug would be the ideal name but Aww Humbug sounds a lot better though!


My Big Boy!

Humbug is a big boy – I think he is pretty much full grown but he is huge around 9cm in length and weighs a 72g! I must admit I was shocked to see what he weighed that I did it three times just to be 100% that the scales were right and they were! In a month he has gained 17g. He loves his food but he not overweight just a big boy.

Humbug says winter is coming to an end as is changing colour and getting his summer coat – he gotten this dark stripe across his lower back although the rest of him is still light grey. Its been quite fascinating watching his colour transformation – every day now his fur is slighty different or there are dark spots appearing. This photo was taken earlier in the week but the patch is darker now!

As it was pancake day yesterday decided to treat my hammies to some hamster safe pancakes which I made especially for them. As Humbug couldn’t have banana pancakes like Liquorice had – I grated some pecans into his batter so he had pecan pancakes. He wasn’t overly impressed with them but had a nibble and managed to get some cute photos nether the less!

and a few of Humbug posing for the camera ...

My Sweet Naughty Tortie Liquorice and My Special Sweet Humbug
R.I.P Honey, Caramel, Cotton, Cookie, Toffee, Sherbet, Pumpkin, Maple and Treacle. Forever in my Heart <3
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