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Default Re: Hesper - The Evening Star

Hi all. I've been so busy I haven't been on in a little while and missed 395 posts! WOW!

Hesper is now 17 weeks and getting on a treat. She seems to like ALL food and is very lively but also still completely handleable and loves coming out to play on my bed. I've been gradually increasing this and she now does two 15 minute stints out every day at least. She's so cute I also really enjoy just watching her burrowing around and being all hamstery!

I found a spot she's been weeing in behind her wheel so there's no room to get a potty in and I don't want to mess with the layout for a while but I can at least scoop out what I can and refresh it now. I'm still not convinced this is the only place she goes but it's still not smelly in there so I've stopped worrying so much after some reassurance from cypher on a different thread (thanks again!)

I think me and Hesper are really starting to find our rhythm and now that I've stopped being such a totally paranoid ham-mum about absolutely everything I've just been able to enjoy having her and spending time with her which is much better all round!

Hope everyone else and their hammies are doing well! Look forward to having a catch up read later!

Adios for now!
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