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I don't think there's a single reliable english-speaking mouse forum; every one I've come across preaches insanely outdated info. I joined one last year (the one linked above by the other poster, actually), mainly out of curiosity, and asked about where they source their info backing their claims that a trio of mice (and even a singleton) can live comfortably in a 10g tank, and they linked to me to sources from the 90's that stated the same minimum for a pair of large, adult rats. They deleted my thread when I asked for up-to-date sources and told me to leave the forum lol.

I don't own mice, but I would advise you to stay well away from US-based mouse forums; the US does not have a good reputation for having high standards of small pet care. Instead, I would recommend you source out some German forums or Info threads. All of their (US forum) info backing their housing information (that is, that a 10g tank is suitable housing for mice) is all sourced from pages from the 90's and standards for *laboratory animals*, and I wouldn't touch it with a 10ft pole.

Youtube is unfortunately not a reliable source for information (for hamsters nor mice). I found a couple info sites last year, and the absolute bare minimum for a pair is 80cm x 50cm x 50cm. I can try and dig the rest up, but here's one info site that runs you through the basics.
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