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Default Alexander and Jodie - Sleep Well Precious Little Ones

Less than a month after Metallica Hamstery said goodbye to Lord James, we faced another goodbye as today we lost both Alexander and Jodie. They were both diabetic and unfortunately this cruel disease had started to take its toll and I opted to have them both put to sleep.

Alexander J. Cormes was one of seven babies born to Lord James and Cora in November 2017. He was a shy and fairly reclusive boy who loved to spend the day hiding away in his little cave. He showed a couple of times for Metallica Hamstery but could find some shows challenging. Alexander is survived by his mother Cora, brother Lord Jack (formerly Captain Jack) and sister Summer.

Jodie Francesca arrived at Metallica Hamstery at the beginning of December as a possible wife for Lord Jack but she unfortunately developed diabetes later that month. She was a sweet natured baby who had mastered a Chinesey Cling that I hadn't seen since Victoria arrived. Jodie wasn't with us long but was loved and cherished for every day that we knew her.

final_alex by Metallica Hamstery, on Flickr

final_jodie by Metallica Hamstery, on Flickr
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