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Default Re: New Hamster what breed ?not tame

Welcome to the forum & congrats on your new ham

As souffle said the cage you have isn't really suitable & will make taming difficult. I keep mine in the Hamster Heaven cage (without the tubes & penthouse( or similar, it's a good size for a hybrid & the big front door makes access & interacting with them so much easier.

For now though you would do better if you can get him out in a playpen or a large plastic box with toys & things to explore there you can let him climb onto your hand much more easily, I don't tend to pick mine up to begin with, just let them walk onto my hand, a treat like a sunflower seed or mealworm will help there, then once they get used to doing that gradually begin to lift them a little then gently lower them again, they soon get used to that & handling quickly becomes much easier as they gain confidence.
You will probably want to use a tube or box or anything he will climb into to transport him to the playpen to begin with.
Do short sessions each day making them longer as he gets more used to it, if you have a playpen you can sit in with him & he will probably enjoy climbing on you!
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