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Default Re: Newbie just joined in

Hi, just thought I'd throw this in:
Years ago I took care of a friend's rat for a couple of months. As I recall, there were no issues with needing to tame the rat. It was immediately affectionate from the store, and whenever I would come home it would jump on the side of the cage wanting to come out. However, the biggest drawback for me was that the rat peed everywhere! It would just leave little drops of pee every few minutes. I was constantly getting pee on me and everywhere it ran. I later looked it up, and i don't think it was just an incontinent rat. This appears to be the norm.
I'm a pretty new hamster owner, but I have already noticed my hamster does NOT do this. However, I've had to put a lot more time and effort into taming the hamster (I have a syrian), but I find the little guy to be so much more interesting to watch and interact with than I did the rat despite this (or maybe because of it?) My hamster just has so much more personality, and its own ideas on what it wants to do and how it wants to use things. Hope that helps.
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