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Default Re: Savic Hamster Plaza review

Hiya, just wanted to add some comments on the Savic Plaza, (AprilPearl your review was very thorough and really useful).

We decided to go for the Savic Plaza, we wanted to upgrade bigger from the Savic Ruffy (80cm x 50cm). Feel that Savic cages are well made with a sturdy base. However, I think possibly the Savic Ruffy base is very slightly sturdier material than the Plaza.

Advertised at 100cm x 50cm (I measured our cage at approx. 99cm x 49cm) on the outside. The base I measured at approx. 15cm in height and the front door at approx 21.5cm x 37cm. Bar spacing I measured at approx. 1cm. Like the Savic Ruffy the base slants inwards at the bottom, the base on the Plaza I measured inwards at approx. 3.5cm / 4cm. Overall the base is a good size in my opinion.

Tali (our Syrian hamster) has been living in the cage since May last year and seems happy with the space plus we can fill the space with a few more toys, hideaways and those few extra cm's in cage length do make a difference! Can fit a 12inch wheel in the cage too.

Pro's: Good size floor space, front door is a big plus (plus tightly fit so that it makes it difficult for a hamster to push the door open when closed), great ventilation, bars give the option to hang toys, shelves, water bottles and wheel.

Con's: The accessories were not great (we threw most of them away). We found the water bottle leaked, the hidey house kept coming apart, the wheel is ok but we don't use it, the shelf and ramp we do use as Tali likes running on these however due to the ridges on the shelf it does sometimes make it difficult to get toys to sit flat. Also the front door even after all this time of using the cage (10 months) is very noisy still when you open it so can startle any hamster. Price of the cage is expensive, however we were able to purchase from Pets at Home for cheaper than 75 due to a discount code, we saved around 13.

Just wanted to mention to that the Savic Plaza is advertised as a rat cage too, I've never owned rats but feel it would be very small for them plus I thought rats like to climb and with an overall height of the cage at approx. 50cm isn't tall enough. For as Syrian hamster the cage is a great size, looking back I wish we had been able to purchase the Plaza first but it wasn't available then! Plus its good that Pets at Home are moving towards stocking bigger cages for hamsters, I hope in time Savic might move towards manufacturing a 150cm / 200cm length cage as that would be amazing especially for the hamsters who are highly energetic!
Always loved and forever in our hearts Ralph and Tali
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