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Default Re: Hamster keeps biting cage? pls help

Originally Posted by mikatelyn View Post
VanillaCapricorn, is there an option of buying used where you are? I live in the US, where we can find used goods listed by private parties on certain websites. Two popular ones are Craigslist and OfferUp. I bought a 75gallon aquarium for $30, the downside being that it had a crack and didn't hold water. But seeing how it wasn't for fish, was not a problem for me and I got a killer deal. Is there, say, a Craigslist UK version?
Yeah I will try gumtree and stuff like that, hopefully Iíll be able to get one cheap. Since my cage is alright width wise is there anyway it could still work? A lot of the staff here have said that she should eventually get use to it, but Iím not sure if hamsters adjust like that.
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