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Default My hamster behaves strange...

I noticed today that he moves very slowly and barely opens his eyes. I picked him and he didnt try to explore like always does, just still in my hand with his eyes closed. He even tried to use the wheel but very slowly..

Idk if its the temperature but the other hamster seems to be fine... My last hamster before dying behave similarly to this one, but that one lost a lot of hair before dying, and this one didnt lost any... So I dont know if hes dying of age or not... He has about more than 2 years...

My house is around 10 degrees so he might be hibernating... Or not

Idk what to do... If its nothing or if hes dying, what to do to make him more comfortable... I tried putting him in a sock to be warmer but after a while he got out.

What could be happening to him?

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