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Default Re: Hesper - The Evening Star

Hesper is TOO cute. I absolutely love her introduction picture and her gorgeous name and its meaning. Aww, I'm so glad that Hesper's taming is going so well, and she is enjoying being held and getting cuddles. I couldn't imagine anyone being able to resist her cuteness and charm so it isn't a surprise that your Dad has fallen in love with her, too. That is such wonderful news. . She really is as precious as can be and a real charmer. I'm glad that she enjoyed her new treats; I always found it so exciting to have my hamster try new foods. I hope that she gets decides to use her potty again for you so it will make spot cleaning easier for you. If she continues to go in another area, you may want to try moving the potty to that place and putting the soiled bedding in her potty to entice her using the potty again. Best of luck with continuing the potty training sessions. I know she will do fine with it.

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