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Default New to Robos

I have had several hybrid dwarfs before (mainly adult rescues), but now I wanted to finally get myself a Robo.
I thought that I had done all the research that I could, but I was NOT expecting this huuuge amount of energy and zooming around.

So, how much is it normal that a robo uses his wheel? Mine was running for at least 6 hours straight, with just a couple of snack breaks last night, and that's about 5 hours more than all of the hamsters I have had before. I have only had him for two nights, and the first night i went to sleep before he woke up, but yesterday i stayed awake to see how long he would keep it going. He is about two months old.

I have no expectations to get him tame, but it would be nice if he could take treats from my hand, and be able to sheperd him into a cup for moving when the cage needs thorough cleaning, without too much stress.

How active are your Robo?
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