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Default Re: Cleaning the Cage - Nest Material

A lot depends on where she pees, if you can get her to use a litter tray with either chinchilla sand or just normal substrate in it (not the litter pellets as some aren't safe) then cleaning will be minimal, you can encourage her to use the litter tray (if she doesn't already) by putting it where she pees anyway or as close as possible & putting some damp substrate in on top.
If she pees in the nest you will need to clean it but never remove all of it only anything that has been peed on, if she doesn't then you leave the nest & food hoard alone a much as possible, maybe a partial clean every month or so if needed but no more than that.
As you've only just got her don't do anything other than spot cleaning pee for at least a few weeks, after that just do partial cleans when needed, never do the whole cage or remove all the substrate at once.
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