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Default Re: Hesper - The Evening Star

Hi everyone!

Hesper has had a very exciting week 7 at casa del Lols. She tried freeze-dried chicken treats for cats as recommended by alpacassei I think. She has also had cabbage and swede for the first time and enjoyed both. She's been out for hugs this week most days for a few minutes at a time, gradually increasing. She came downstairs for a play in the living room for the first time. AND my Dad, who apparently doesn't like hamsters and wasn't keen on us getting one, held her for the first time and said she was sweet! She's won him over and he's a tough nut to crack!

Only downside is she's stopped using the potty all the time and gone a bit hit and miss with it. Not to worry. It's still early days.

All in all we're getting on wonderfully and I'm very happy with my little cutie. Hoping the rain stops so Madi cat can go out and Hesper can have some more living room time this evening. If not we might be in the tub or my little room only today.


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