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Talking Went in for locusts... Meet Bonnie!

And came out with a tiny new addition lol.

Honestly, I went into P@H for locusts for my Leopard Gecko (Leo) and Mum and I stopped to look at the animals - as per usual. Our P@H is a really good one with an adoption centre.

We were looking at the dwarf Russian hamsters in the adoption section - they had 3 - Sooty, Aero and Bonnie.

Just for curiosity, I asked if I could have a closer look at them all.

Well Sooty squealed and ground her teeth the second the assistant (who I knew from animal college) opened the door and refused to show herself. Mum wasn't sure of her at all, so we moved onto Aero.

Aero completely froze when she saw us, and immediately buried herself under the woodshavings, and I wasn't sure about her (no reason why).

Then we came to Bonnie...and instantly fell in love! She was the most active and seemed to be quite confident in herself. She is tiny, white with grey stripe on her back. She's about 2 1/2 months old. Her previous owners bought her back as she was fighting with her siblings. So she's now occupying her new home (Exo Terra terrarium, which previously had a single gerbil in there). She is currently without a wheel, but I have ordered that, so hopefully it should arrive tomorrow. She was being fed Pets at Home Muesli, but I am going to gradually change her to a proper Dwarf hamster mix from tomorrow as well.

I am going to let her settle into her new home and I am so in love with her already.

Never had a Dwarf hamster before. I think she is a Winter White, but hopefully her coat can be confirmed when I can get a couple of photos on here.

I am now avidly reading through all the Dwarf Hamster section, so I can definitely make sure Bonnie gets the correct care she deserves.

It's typical go into the store for one thing...and come out with several (I got a few bits and pieces for Bonnie as well - so she's been spoilt from the start lol).

Mweekie xx
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