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Default Alexander or Detolf?

So, for most of the time, I've been pretty set on getting the Detolf cage because it seemed that you get more for your money and is a popular cage.

However, I've recently discovered the Alexander Small Pet Cage which is around 800sq inches. This cage is 70 and the Detolf is 55.

I'm just after others experiences with both cages because keep in mind I'm not very handy in DIY and for the Detolf will need to also buy: sealant, wood, mesh, staple gun, staples and duct tape. As the Detolf is not intended for a hamster cage I'm worried more problems will occur with it but I'm also aware that bar cages generate more noise. With the Alexander cage, I can't get as much bedding in as the Detolf but I don't think I can fit a 12inch wheel for a Syrian. Also, I'm aware that the Detolf is a lot harder to set up and the Alexander will be a lot easier because it's intended as a small pet cage.
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