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Hi everyone. This is all good info. I got Fitch in the end just before it went out of stock. I went for 10kg but wish I'd got 20 now! I put about half in but topped it up as Hesper really likes burrowing. That sounds a lot from what some of you have said so I'm wondering whether to go through and fluff it up some more. Do you guys do this?

She's been in there for 5 weeks now and so far I've just picked out poo. Aside from the first week where she peed in her wheel and then her bed she doesn't seem to have a visible spot. She has a potty but she doesn't use it and I'm a bit unsure on what to do now. I feel like I'm leaving her in her own wee but it doesn't smell anywhere in there and I think I'm being paranoid because comparitively to when I last had a hamster as a kid it was all 'sawdust and weekly clean' advice which we now know is wrong and I feel like I'm being lazy not doing more.

Hesper drinks every day but I can't find a wee spot. Is this normal? She's so small and the bedding is so absorbent I'm sure it's me being silly but just need a little more advice and reassurance please!

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