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Default Re: New Wannabe Hamster owner UK (East anglia)

The next show isn't until 9th February in Derbyshire then one on 16th February in Bath - neither of which are particularly near you. I may be wrong but breeders often don't have litters available until Spring anyway.

I personally wouldn't get one from Pets at Home - unless it's from the adoption centre.

Is it your first hamster? If so it can be heartbreaking if they develop health issues or die young. That is pot luck - many people have had healthy hamsters from Pets at Home but quite a number have had sudden deaths also. As the breeding is unknown they can have genetic predispositions to certain things.

Having said all that, hamsters often choose you - and I always think if they've survived as far as an adoption centre or rescue then they must be fairly healthy.

Just thinking if it was your first hamster it might be nice to have one from being a baby and see them grow and evolve and live out their life to the full.

Are there are smaller local pet shops near you? They sometimes breed their own. Our last Syrian was a pet shop hamster - he was huge, always healthy and lived until he was 2 years 8 months old - however he had a very nervous disposition. Neurotic! All hamsters have that to a degree but - there are degrees!

Wherever you go and look - one will probably choose you and you'll just want to take them home

As alpa says - you may find quite a few people wanting to rehome a hamster they've only had for a month or two (child got bored is the usual explanation) - and as it's just after Christmas, that may be a good option. Gumtree, Preeloved and Pets4Homes all have adverts for hamsters needing rehoming.

You could also check out your local RSPCA website (there aren't any hamsters in the Cambridge RSPCA - just checked) or any local rescues (I'll check and see the nearest one). Rescues sometimes have whole litters of baby hamsters that need adopting. Again if it's your first hamster you may be better getting a younger one.

Wood Green Animal Shelter is in Cambridgeshire - they have a Roborovski hamster needs rehoming - they are the smallest breed of hamster - fast and cute - but not easy to handle or tame - more a watching pet.

Would you be up for a train ride to London? Many people bring their hamsters home on the train - our last hammy had a two hour train ride in a pet carrier with a blanket over the top of the pet carrier and slept most of the way. Starlight rodent rescue is in Surrey and this one is in London and they have Hamsters needing rehoming
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