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Default Re: New to this!!!! Opinions(:

Thanks for the opinion!! To be honest Iím not the biggest fan of the bin cages, they are wider but unless you get a long one I donít see how most peopleís bin cages are anything other than affordable, maybe if you have some pictures of bigger bin cages you could show me some? Iím not completely against it the idea! So you think long term wise having a tube ran from one tank to the other is something she wonít like? I keep plenty of soft paper bedding for her to burrow in, though that is what Iím going to use the extra tank for, mainly a few toys, her wheel and a big corner full of bedding to play in! Thanks for the advice on kids sand! I actually just looked it up and what an awesome alternative, cheaper and you get more!!! Iím in the process of buying a new wheel, plastic silent one at that LOL but she seems to be running okay on her metal one for now (more cage like bars than just the straight ones to run on). I honestly was thinking of making more a long the lines of an enclosed bridge from one to the other so she doesnít have the ability to get stuck, get loose and also have the hall way/bridge to run and play on. And thank you, Iím currently looking up how to get the photos posted now!
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