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Default Re: New to this!!!! Opinions(:

The images aren’t showing, you’ll need to embed them, here’s a tutorial How To Embed Photos

Hamsters usually do better with one large continuous floor space than with a modular set-up but it’s fine as a starter cage until you can get her something bigger. If you can’t afford to buy a cage, you make a bin cage for pretty cheap.

I can’t see what wheel you have but you’ll want a plastic or wooden wheel between 6.5 and 8 inches. Russian dwarfs need a 15 - 20cm layer of substrate for them to burrow through. Aspen shavings, Carefresh, and Kaytee Clean & Cozy are the safest substrates in the US, avoid pine and other softwood shavings because they are toxic to hammies. You’ll also need a sandbath, I use childrens play sand which is a lot cheaper that chinchilla sand but chinchilla sand is also safe as long as it’s dust-free.

Also when you add the tubing, be careful not to have any vertical tubing because it will be difficult for her to climb.
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