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Talking New to this!!!! Opinions(:

Okay so Iím fairly new to this but quite recently have been very intrigued by small pets and I thought about those days back to being 7,8,9 years old and again and remembered how fun I used to have with my fluffy little friends, hamsters! I went to my local pet store around Christmas time, might I add how busy, and looked around and they happened to have one little Winter White Dwarf Hamster left and to me that was Godís way of saying she had to be mine. So Iíve went and bought a few supplies, I wouldnít say much since Iím just getting started but itís ten times the living conditions my childhood friends endured (( at that age, whoíd have thought of hamster stress, living conditions and all around healthy well beings, I sure didnít/: )) but Iím also very open to opinions, ideas in the cage set up, toys, tubes, etc. please donít hold back. Thought I canít say getting a big huge cage is something I can afford atm, I think what I have will suit her just fine for now. I have a 20 gallon long tank along with a 10 gallon tank right beside it. Iím currently in the process of grabbing some tubing from the pet store to connect the two. If you have any questions feel free to ask or post your input, I am all ears(:

Here are a few pics of the tank and what ones I could get of my lil girl!

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