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Default Re: new hamster ? in same room

Silly me. I meant if he felt confident having had one hamster then he had some experience before keeping a pair (even if it was a Syrian and not a dwarf!).

I know there are lots of views on cage sizing for pairs. And some people and breeders who successfully keep pairs. I would always suggest just one dwarf hamster to a new owner, but have also had the wish to try and successfully keep a pair and nearly did so with robos but didn't because was only one robo left. Although I do think the views are changing generally towards keeping pairs not being a good idea at all.

I think gerbils sounds a good idea if you want a group of pets that happily live together without the issues. They do need a large cage though and deep bedding, some tunnels in the bedding and some height. I've seen the Living World Eco habitat used for good gerbil set ups - it's very large (about 115cm x 60cm) and quite expensive.

Or Rats? Rats do need to live in groups -cages also need to be a good size but can be more compact than an Eco habitat - 100 x 50 and quite tall.
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