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Default Re: Mice Cages?!? Please help!

Guinea Pig and rabbit cages are usually a good size for mice! Just mesh them with 1/4 of an inch hardware cloth and zipties and the cage will be perfect! Make sure to mesh it on the outside, so that the mice can't get to the sharp edges and be sure to mesh the door seperate so that it can still open! Plust, with the wires on the inside, you can still hang things easily! Often with those cages, the pan is deep enough for the amount of bedding they need too!

Bin cages are also a good option as well. Cheap, easy, and lightweight! 110 quarts is recommended for three female mice!

Mesh isn't good for mouse feet, their toes and tails get easily caught. You can cover it with fleece, but I find most mice usually chew right through, which can lead to a blockage. I'd just take them out and use wooden shelves, etsy sells them for chinchillas, and they screw onto the side of the cage!
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