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Default Re: Mice in 10 gallon? Is that ok?

I own three mice, a ten gallon is the minimum in the US for one male mouse. Many pet owners recommend 20 gallon long for a single male mouse now.

I honestly would not bother with a tank for mice. They're heavy, hard to move, and expensive. Screen lids can be hard to find for anything bigger than 20 gallons.

I'd go with a bin cage. 110 quarts is usually recommended for 3 female mice. They're cheap and easy to move.

If cost is not a problem for you and you want a barred cage, look at any of the ones for hamsters on here! Bar spacing must be 1/4 of an inch, so you can mesh it with hardware cloth and zipties if the bar spacing is too far apart. Guinea pig and rabbit cages on the market (which are too small for either of those animals) are great for mice! Just mesh the cage and it'll be great for them! I personally have a critternation single unit, and my three girls love it! It gives them plenty of space to roam and climb!

Ventilation is also fine in a tank, by the way. As long as you clean it, the scent should not build up, though you'll notice more scent with a male mouse. As long as the top is meshed or wired, the air flow is fine.
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