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Default Re: Which of these 2 cages are best

The Barney is usually a lot cheaper on Zooplus! It’s a very good cage though so I definitely recommend it, I believe it’s around 45 on Zooplus right now?

The Prevue is basically just the Alaska with a different platform so it’s alright for a small Male Syrian but it’s quite difficult to fit in all the Syrian size toys. It’s also just cheaper on zooplus. It’s got tbe best height out of most 80cm cages but most Syrians do better in 100cm cages. I have a male Syrian in the Alaska/Prevue currently and I’m planning to upgrade him to the Alexander or Barney soon because I find it difficult to create an enriching environment for him.

Other good 100cm cages for Syrians are the Alexander, Savic Plaza, Ferplast Criceti 100, and Ferplast Maxi Duna Multy.
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