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Default Re: Help! First time hamster owner, she is sick!

Just seen your other thread where you say you got her in July. Was she a baby hamster in July or an adult hamster you rehomed? Assuming she was a young hamster, then it's not so likely an old age tooth issue (although they can get tooth decay at any age).

An impacted pouch can also cause infection and affect the eye. Assume the vet checked that as well? A lot of vets don't know that much about hamsters - although good they tested for mites. See how she goes and if she doesn't improve, then maybe think about seeing an exotic vet - they know much more about hamsters and can give a diagnosis. If you google exotic vets in your area there is probably one nearby although it might mean travelling a bit further.

It may just be the effects of the injection and all the medication that is making her sleep more and off her food - plus it's cold weather at the moment. Just keep her warm and comfortable and talk gently to her and I am sure the odd stroke would be nice too.

Does she have a nice big cosy nest to keep warm in? Important to keep the room temperature good as well as they really can be affected by the cold. Just normal human warm temperature about 20 degrees. It can get very cold at night as well, when hamsters are at their most active and wanting to be out in the cage, so I have a little oil filled radiator on a timer in the room our Syrian is in, if it gets very cold. - It comes on for a couple of hours in the middle of the night.

Depends on your house, a modern house should retain the heat from the night before until the heating comes on next morning, but on frosty nights it can get pretty cold.

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